Monday, June 1, 2009

It's necessary, right?

I think it's necessary to have a book contest to celebrate the launch of this new blog, don't you? Therefore, I will be giving away at least one copy of my book The Domestic Church: Room by Room: A Mother's Study Guide to the winner. All that is required is for you to leave me a comment to this post about your "domestic church." Tell me what gives you the most joy in your vocation as a mother. This blog is not only for mothers, but I am asking the mothers this time since this book addresses mostly mothers. However, if you are not a mother, but wish to comment on a mother you know, feel free! If you already own this book, you can still enter the contest and if you win, just give it away!

I will pick the winner this Friday, June 5th. So, you'd better hurry and please pass the word about the contest.

Thanks and God bless your day!



  1. Donna-Marie,

    Congratulations on your latest blog and thanks for offering the give-away. I love my vocation as a mother. One of the most joyful aspects is homeschooling my two sons. The opportunity to be with them throughout the day is a precious gift.

  2. Dear Donna-Marie,
    The joy I have in my vocation as mother stems from from my daily life with my children. I love talking with them about all issues that they encounter-whether they are school-related , locally-based or impacts the world.
    Joy in our domestic church extends to our car. We talk there and I rejoice my relationships with each of my children are strong, enabling them to share what's going on in their world.
    Finally, the biggest joy is teaching the faith to the children. That comes in many forms, ranging from guiding a son as he serves Mass, the joy of recently witnessing my oldest child receive the Sacrament of Confirmation or serving dinner at our local Salvation Army.

  3. Our Domestic church -- is in a state of change constant vigorous change. Walter and I have eight children and now three grandchildren. Our third grandchild will be born sometime in December or early January 2010--and so we anticipate all this change with warm welcoming joy.
    The vocation of motherhood has untold and infinite blessings---but it is a state of constant rigorous change.
    M Meacham

  4. Hi Donna!! What a neat new do you keep up with them. I have two and one is always suffering for the other one.

    My joy in being a mom is being a mom not "mother." I like that my children are comfortable enough with me to call me mom...and sometimes momma, (they are tweens and young teens). Also, watching their progress, whether it's in playing the piano, learning a new skill, or just seeing how much they have grown during the past year.

    Many blessings to you Donna!

  5. First, I'm definitely bookmarking your blog. I have a Catholic prayerbook for Mothers and I absolutely love it.

    Our domestic church is little, it's my husband, myself, and our 9 month old daughter. I love that we're little but close. Our apartment is small, but still big enough for our little daughter to crawl around and starting to walk. I love watching her learn something new - her whole face lights up and she just turns into one giant smile. I love being able to keep the house together for my husband while he's at work, so he has clean, comfortable, and stress-free place to come home and relax in.

  6. I'm loving all of your comments everyone! Thanks very much for sharing. Stay tuned to the comments and the contest results on Friday!

    God bless you all!

  7. I love my domestic Church. Probably my favorite part is our family Rosary...we started it last year...after a year and a half of a nightly Divine Mercy Chaplet...We moved up! The children had a tough time focusing on the mysteries, so my husband made 4 DVD's with a different image for each Hail Mary...(10 Annunciation images, followed by 10 Visitation images, etc.) My four year old son asks his dad "what Mysteries is today, Dad?" every day.
    My eight year old daughter leads the first and last decade of each rosary...she knows them all by heart and the four year old knows many of them, too. It is such a beautiful way to end the day together...
    There are many more wonderful blessings in our home, including homeschooling, visits to our Blessed Sacrament Chapel, and just watching the children learn and amazing!
    Pax Christi!

  8. What gives me the most Joy? There's so much Joy, it's hard to say. Hearing my children laugh, seeing them love each other, seeing them loving God, spending time together as a family...these would all be on the list. May God bless your new blog.

  9. What gives me the most joy in my domestic church are those moments when my daughters (3 and 15 months) pray spontaneously on their own. it might be a quick Hail Mary for the 3 yr old or folded hands for the baby when they hear a siren nearby. Or the 3 yr old asks if it's noon and then begins singing the Regina Caeli when I answer in the affirmative. When the baby reaches for a crucifix or an icon and wants me to tell her about it or give it a kiss. To know that I am teaching them to love God and talk to Him and to know that He is pouring forth His grace in response to my humble efforts and leading them near to His heart, that gives me the greatest joy.

    Also seeing them playing together and hearing them laughing together, existing in their own private sister-world. To know that they love each other and take joy in each other. Oh my heart is so full of joy!

  10. HOw generous of you to offer a book give away. You have a way of seeping into my mind daily as I attend my domestic church. You are such an inspiration to us all.
    My goal is to transform my farm into our family cloister, it takes the domestic church a step further (in my mind) and you are a constant source of encouragement.

  11. These comments are amazing! I am so heartened knowing that all of you wonderful mothers out there are mothering your children with grace, love, and prayer in your "domestic churches"! Stay tuned for the contest results!

  12. Hi Donna-Marie! I love this blog, what a beautiful idea! I can't think of one thing that gives me the *most* joy in my vocation as a mother, but the latest thing I'm most joyful about is how my 11-month-old squealed and reached with two arms outstretched to his dad as he (my husband) walked through the door last night after coming home from work. I'm still smiling about it! And not because my husband was home and able to "relieve me," but because he's such a good dad and our little ones (we have three boys) love him so much ... I love to see them get so excited to see him!

  13. I'm looking forward to reading this blog regularly! One of the joys in our domestic church is saying grace before meals. My boys love to lead the prayer, and even my youngest gets into the motions and prayers.

  14. Congratulations Donna!

    The joy from my vocation from mother comes from playing with my children. We enjoy board games, outdoor games, hiking, swimming, camping and anything else that brings us those special moments of quiet time together. Through games, it is easy to see each child's strengths and weaknesses and what motivates both so that later I can utilize this information to help with their formation.

    Much love as always!


  15. The most joy that I get, that brings me to tears each time, is the two miracles that the Lord himself entrusted me with. All I have to do is look into their sweet faces and see Him. His never ending love, in EVERYTHING we do. He gave them to me, knowing I would bring them to Him. Knowing I would do the best I could to teach them all about His love. So the joy I get comes straight from the Lord Himself is the fact that he has confidence in me (more than I have in myself sometimes) to do what he wants me to do. That's my joy!
    God Bless!

  16. Dear Donna,

    My Domestic Church comes naturally. I was raised in one, since my parents are faithful Catholics, so for me it's a tradition that's stems way back to my paternal grandparents.

    Alexander (4 yrs old) knows about our Lord, loves going to Church, and he's Catholic. My husband is Agnostic but loves that I'm raising Alex in the faith, and that our home is blessed, and that I'm strong in my faith and it gets him thinking whether he should become a believer in the future. My faith is my backbone, without it, I would be lost. And I just do not want to have a family exisiting. I want a family much like The Holy Family. Our family is consecrated to the Sacred Hearts of Jesus and Mary. And I trust fully in them and God, that they all will take care of us. Being a mom is natural, and being a stay at home mom is what God meant for me to be. I love taking care of my family. It's my calling, and it's my calling to also make our home Holy. I pray God blesses us with some more children... if it's His will of course... because being a Mom is the best "job" I ever have had.

    God bless, Heather

  17. I feel incredibly blessed to be home with my children! I was raised with two working parents, and I grew up thinking that I *had* to work outside the home as an adult. But when I was pregnant with my first son, I knew that I wanted to be home with my babies, and thankfully, my husband agreed that it was the best thing for our family. Our oldest son was born 19 years ago yesterday, and we have been at peace and happy with our decision ever since. We have six beautiful children, we homeschool, and we feel so very fortunate that God is guiding us in our mission with our "domestic church." I cannot imagine life any other way. From the time I was a young child, I could not wait to be a mother. It is the most meaningful thing in my life, to be given the awesome responsibility of caring for and guiding these little ones that God has entrusted to me.

  18. Dear Donna Marie,

    I love learning new things and showing my family how to be frugal.

    It also excites me that I get the privilege of homeschooling my children and being with them. Best. job. ever!

    Thank you for this opportunity!

  19. Dear Donna Marie,

    I love learning new things as a Mother and because I did not grow up as a domestic queen - I've had much to learn!

    But I've been sewing now, making jewelery, knitting and crocheting - and while there is still plenty of room to grow, I'm excited about what I've learned!

    More importantly, I LOVE that I get the privilege of homeschooling my children and that I get to be with them everyday!!!!!

    Thank you for this opportunity!

  20. Saying prayers before nap and bed with my girls. I love how the girls listen so closely to the words, and how they add people they want to pray for each night.


  21. Dear Donna Marie,
    thank you for all you inspire in us in the name of our Lord. I am thoroughly enjoying your blog. I hadn't realized how special my vocation as wife and mother was until I found your writtings.There are days that I can't find a free moment to sit and pray quietly but now I realize that my every crazy busy moment is a prayer.Each little task,even night wakings with the little one is a prayer to be offered up to our Lord and it not only gets me through but fills me with peace and joy for the gift of this My Domestic Church.I rejoice in each moment mundane or spectacular that I share with my husband and children.Each day I try to spruce up my domestic church for my family,for me and especially for our Lord. Each day is a prayer.Thank you for all you inspire.
    God Bless you always!

  22. I get the most joy from watching the children grow into young adults; being able to help them understand the Faith they practice and helping them with their interests as they find their way into adulthood. All of our children are over 15 and still changing as they mature. Having said that, I miss having little ones around.

  23. I'm sure I'm too late, but thought I'd try anyway. I'd love to win this!

    This is a lovely new blog! I am enjoying looking it over and reading everything.

  24. You're not too late, Kathy. :) I am extending the contest until 8:00 PM Eastern standard time tonight.

    Thank you for your kind words about my new blog. Please pass the word to others.

    God bless and hugs,


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